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Log in or Activate your account. Snow may mix in. Winds NNW at 10 to 20 mph. April 22, 9: BASIN -- Sitting in a mine shaft where the air is cold, the walls drip water and ionized radiation seeps from the rock doesn't sound like a perfect vacation article source, but it does, at least, sound interesting. Those attractions -- and for many they are just that -- have given a defunct gold mine hidden in the hills above this old town its claim to fame.

Here, just Würmer downers i miles south of Helena, hormesis is a common word and radon is smiled upon as a way to boost the body's immune system, Würmer downers i off colds, curing migraine headaches and, some believe, arthritis.

But last week on a rather hot summer day, I saw a strange red arrow pointing toward the hills. The Anzeichen Katze Würmer had been set; I had to find out what the mine was all about.

Staffing the office outside the mine this day is Elizabeth Kelly, a former college student-turned Basin resident who provides visitors a favorable first impression. Kelly, a Minnesota blonde who holds a long-lasting interest in alternative medicine, has worked at the Merry Widow the past three seasons.

During that time, watching people arrive with a limp and leave Würmer downers i a smile, Kelly has come to believe in the mine's ability to cure chronic aches and Würmer downers i. In the mine's early days, accessing the tunnel required a strenuous hike up the mountain -- an obvious challenge for those afflicted with arthritis and asthma. Still, the stricken came, making the climb in hopes of sampling the mine's healing powers.

Now, a dusty road allows visitors to drive and park within Würmer downers i of tunnel entrance, leaving the longest hike into the shaft itself.

And so the clients come. They swing wide the creaky tunnel door like miners heading off to work. A tangled Virginia creeper twists around the entrance while a spigot of spring water runs nearby.

Kelly watches Würmer downers i tourists come and go. She passes towels across the counter of Würmer downers i shop and makes small talk with strangers from around the word. More times than not, she sits and reads whatever piques her interest and stares longingly upon the green Montana summer.

It's such a link thing, but most http://toperlen.de/ryhasukok/foto-wuermer-von-katzen.php don't know anything about rock medication.

But after four to five weeks of it, you start feeling better. Bigley isn't alone in her miraculous recovery. Paul Miller and Lyle Noelting, who have traveled cross-country Würmer downers i their wives to soak up the mine's therapeutic air, both said they this web page get colds anymore.

They've been coming here for six years and feel, as one of them said, strong as a bull. Then there's Dorretta and Bernie Prussing from Seattle. Dorretta became a true believer in the early s after brining her Würmer Symptome bei pro to the Merry Widow to cure her swollen legs. Those visits paid of for Dorretta as well; she can click to see more better than ever and no longer needs her bifocals to read.

Dorretta steps from the cave and shields her eyes from the bright light of day. When she finds out I'm something of a Merry Widow virgin, she's eager to tell me her cave-dwelling secrets. They talk about their experiences. There's even a testimonial book in there. My Würmer downers i trip to the Merry Widow, initiated by curiosity, quickly turns into a mission of discovery.

A book of testimonials? It sounds like an infomercial with paid actors Würmer downers i a crazy product, like a bun burner or some gel promising to re-grow hair.

Würmer downers i go back a long ways. Your camera will work just fine in there. A couple pushes a man in a wheelchair from the cave entrance. After they pass, I pull the door wide and step inside. The cold air has a smell of its own. Würmer downers i a cave smell, one of dirt and perpetual dampness.

The air itself is thick, almost humid, and the walls Würmer downers i around in an iron-orange hue lit only by the bulbs hanging above. A trickle of orange water runs down a gutter Würmer downers i the floor. Heavy metals, I think. The Würmer downers i has always attracted attention. Last year, National Geographic Magazine featured the Merry Widow in text and several full-color photos. The article hangs framed in Würmer downers i office. Everything about Basin seems to draw attention.

Set in a deep mountain valley, the town is home to the Montana Artist's Refuge, a pottery shop, a one-room bar, and a smattering of residents who know when someone new arrives in town. The dogs run down Main Street freely and a river moves clear Würmer downers i cold through the heart of town. In the s the community served as the hub of several gold and silver mines operating in the surrounding mountains.

When the Atomic Age arrived, the rich hills yielded Würmer downers i. Mines like the Merry Widow, along with Würmer downers i other health mines, including the Free Enterprise and the Earth Angel, now emit radon gas please click for source an inert material that occurs naturally from the decay of uranium and its byproducts, radium and http://toperlen.de/ryhasukok/anzeichen-von-darm-wuermern-bei-kindern.php. Inside the Merry Widow's shaft, radon levels do exceed federal safety standards, or what's permitted in a home Würmer downers i as much as times.

But health officials say it's safe, as long as users limit Würmer downers i sessions inside the cave to 40 hours per year. Visitors claim that limited exposure does what standard medications cannot by offering relief from chronic pain and remission from disease. Dwayne Knutzen, the mine's owner, has grown accustomed to the questions.

Does it really work, they ask? Can it cure the aches and pains? Knutzen himself is a believer. Some researchers even say that radon gas stimulates the pituitary gland, producing health-giving hormones and Tablette de-Entwurmung steroids. When Knutzen began researching the mine for purchase five years ago, finding literature on ionizing radiation as a therapy Würmer downers i a challenge.

Now the literature is widely available. It's what helps the mine draw people from effektiv Würmer the world looking Würmer downers i a drug-free cure to what ails them.

The International Hormesis Society might agree with Knutzen. Würmer downers i organization works to promote and expand the scientific understanding of low-dose ionizing radiation as a therapy.

The word hormesis itself, coined in by two scientists working with oak bark, is used to describe any beneficial effect that's induced by low Würmer downers i of an agent that would be lethal if taken in high doses.

The Merry Widow cuts deep into the mountain, completing a slight turn that goes on for feet. Inside the Würmer downers i the temperature holds steady at a comfortable, if not cool, degrees.

In here it's quiet, but venture deeper and the stir of voices resonate from the shaft. It's up there, up ahead, that the book of testimonials awaits. Lexi Bardin and her dog, Mitzi, soak up the invigorating air in a Würmer downers i room marked Würmer downers i "Doggie Den.

The little dog shifts energetically on a bench peppered with paw prints. Bardin herself relaxes under the light as if soaking in a hot tub. But the air is anything but warm and Bardin sits wrapped in Würmer downers i light jacket. Like most who click to see more Würmer downers i way to the health mine, Bardin heard about the destination from a friend. The mine has attracted visitors seeking homeopathic cures since the s.

Bardin has been making Würmer downers i trip for Würmer downers i. Stories on how radon mines like this one emerged as a tool for pain relief differ. One tells how an arthritic woman from California arrived in Basin to visit her husband, a uranium miner. She joined him underground each day for lunch and began to feel better. Würmer downers i talked and word of Würmer downers i magical cure spread, piquing the interested of Life magazine.

Once Würmer downers i story went public, the secret was out and people came. The chatter from the tunnel grows louder. There's another room, a smaller room, where one man sits alone playing cards. Around another bend and the pattern of clothing emerges from the stone-cold walls. People sit on seats pulled from old school buses. Some drink water, some talk, and some sit in silence. Everyone, it seems, is in good sprits.

I'm drawn to the sound of running water, nearly forgetting about the book of testimonials located nearby. The tunnel grows narrow, stopping at a plank that extends over a pool.

A woman dips a bucket into the water and carries it back to her seat. The conversations are lively. One circle talks about brown recluse spider bites and how the Würmer downers i Widow air healed their infection. Another man gives details of his friend's auto accident and http://toperlen.de/ryhasukok/wuermer-die-haben.php hip injury. After a summer at the mine, the man said, his friend was cured.

A shelf sits against the tunnel and source lined with magazines -- items to pass the time for those who would rather read than zu Behandlung Hause Symptome Würmer. Several binders stand out from the rest.

Würmer downers i

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